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The Alkumru Hydroelectric Power Plant, also known as Alkumru HPP, is a hydroelectric power project located in the Eastern Anatolia Geographical district of Turkey. The project is situated on the Botan River, which is a major tributary of the Tigris. The Alkumru HPP harnesses the power of the Botan River to generate electricity. Key Highlights: - The Alkumru HPP uses the head difference between the 647 m maximum water level and 541.80 m tail water levels to generate energy. - With the latest design updates, the project is expected to produce an annual amount of 881,210 MWh of electricity. - The project generates 475,143 tonnes of Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) per year, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Alkumru HPP project is important because it provides a renewable source of energy that helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By harnessing the power of the Botan River, the project is able to generate a significant amount of electricity without relying on fossil fuels. This not only helps to reduce carbon emissions but also provides a sustainable source of energy for the people of Turkey. Additionally, the project helps to support the local economy by creating jobs and providing a source of income for the surrounding communities.


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