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Over 20 million verified digital carbon credits from hundreds of projects, with over $4 billion traded to date



North Pikounda REDD+

The North Pikounda REDD+ Project protects 92,530 hectares of unlogged native Congolese forest from deforestation and degradation. The project cancels the planned selective logging and focuses on maintaining and protecting the biodiversity of the area.



Blue Carbon


Reforestation And Restoration Of Degraded Mangrove Lands, Sustainable Livelihood And Community Development In Myanmar

This project aims to restore 2265.47 hectares of degraded land in Myanmar's Ayeyarwady Division, creating a healthy mangrove ecosystem. It will provide carbon sequestration, natural disaster risk reduction, and sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities. The project also includes the establishment of the first mangrove gene bank in Myanmar, with a focus on biodiversity conservation.

Blue Carbon


Renewable Energy


Wind Power Project In Gujarat

MEIL, formerly Caparo Energy (India) Limited, has established a 25.20 MW wind power project in the Rajkot and Surendranagar districts of Gujarat State. The project features 12 Wind Electric Generators (WEGs) from Suzlon Energy Limited’s (SEL) S88 model, each with a capacity of 2.1 MW, as part of their foray into the renewable energy sector in India.

Renewable Energy


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