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About Carbonmark

March 31, 2023

Carbonmark is the Universal Carbon Marketplace – an open-source, open carbon credit market for every organization in the world seeking to acquire, trade, or retire carbon.

We give carbon brokers, commodity traders, organizations of all sizes, and individuals the ability to buy tens of millions of carbon credits, via a marketplace that is built to prioritize user experience. With a huge range of vintages and categories – including Forestry, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Industrial Processing – Carbonmark offers credits able to meet the needs of buyers across the Voluntary Carbon Market via a seamless trading experience providing instant settlement and unparalleled data insights. Moreover, Carbonmark offers best-in-the-market pricing with no additional transaction fees.

If you’re a seller looking for buyers, we give project developers and holders of digital carbon unprecedented ease of access to the Digital Carbon Market. Carbonmark allows sellers to assign a specific price to their carbon assets and list them for sale in an open storefront until a buyer is found. These listings are displayed side-by-side with the projects in existing liquidity pools, meaning buyers always know they are getting the best deal and sellers know their prices are fair and competitive.

Launching with zero fees for both buyers and sellers, and built on top of KlimaDAO’s transparent, neutral, and public infrastructure, Carbonmark has been developed by KlimaDAO as a means to enable greater access to the opportunities of the Digital Carbon Market. Our mission is to build the largest, most accessible carbon marketplace, providing the digital infrastructure the Voluntary Carbon Market needs to fulfill its role in helping the world achieve net-zero carbon emissions over the coming decades.

You can learn more at our Introducing Carbonmark.com page.


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