Carbonmark Launches the Universal Carbon Marketplace
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Carbonmark Launches the Universal Carbon Marketplace

March 28, 2023

Carbonmark offers instant access to tens of millions of carbon credits, prioritizes user experience, and empowers institutional access to KlimaDAO’s digital carbon infrastructure without additional fees.

Carbonmark launches as the go-to platform for acquiring, trading, and retiring digital carbon. It will serve as the gateway for users to access to the Digital Carbon Market (DCM) – the segment of the Voluntary Carbon Market which leverages the benefits of public blockchain technologies – giving access to tens of millions of carbon credits from hundreds of projects instantly.

Carbonmark prioritizes user experience with a seamless marketplace interface – it does not charge any platform fees for buyers or sellers and lists more carbon projects than any other carbon credit storefront thanks to the interoperable standards that KlimaDAO has helped to establish.

As a frictionless access point to the DCM on top of the Polygon blockchain, users can now source carbon credits with unprecedented transparency and speed. The platform does not require any authorization to access – as such, all carbon market stakeholders can plug into the marketplace.

With transparent pricing, and the ability to execute transactions using smart contract technologies, the marketplace stands to reduce transaction costs within the market and reduce lead times across the carbon market’s entire value chain.

Speaking of the launch, Gabriel Kent, Head of Product at Carbonmark said:

The development of open, public, and neutral infrastructure that will unlock transparency and trust within the Voluntary Carbon Markets is of utmost importance if the market is to scale and fulfill its role in the fight against climate change.

Carbonmark is an essential infrastructure for sellers to create a carbon storefront and for buyers to search, purchase, or retire carbon credits instantly. We're excited to launch with the world's largest selection of digital carbon and with zero-commission trading. Carbonmark will revolutionize access to the Voluntary Carbon Market.

About Carbonmark is the universal carbon marketplace, with the largest selection of digital carbon credits worldwide. Buy, sell, and retire digital carbon from any project instantly with zero-commission trading. Contact us.

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