How to get USDC.e or MATIC
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How to get USDC.e or MATIC

April 1, 2023

Carbonmark is built on the Polygon PoS blockchain. In order to interact with Carbonmark, you will need MATIC, Polygon's native token, to pay for network fees known as gas. Additionally, transactions on Carbonmark are denominated in USDC.e. This page is full of resources to help you load your wallet with MATIC and USDC.e so you can buy, sell, list, or retire carbon.

Getting Started

For help with your specific wallet, you can scroll down to your choice of wallet.

There are numerous ways to acquire MATIC and USDC.e ranging from centralized exchanges / services to decentralized exchanges all with different fees, limits, and payment methods.

Need gas? You can swap USDC.e or other tokens for MATIC using Polygon's convenient Swap For Gas feature.You can use a service like MoonPay or Transak or a centralized exchange like Coinbase to acquire Polygon MATIC or USDC.e and send it to your wallet.

Social or Email

Carbonmark's Social and Email wallet functionality are powered by Torus wallet.

Torus allows users to top up their wallets with MATIC and USDC.e using Credit/Debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bank transfer, etc. from many different providers (depending on what's available in your country).

1. Navigate to

2. Connect with your social or email account

3. Click Top Up

4. Select your provider

5. Select MATIC or USDC.e, amount, and your desired payment currency

6. Complete the purchase with your chosen provider.

Once you have acquired MATIC, you can choose to repeat this process to acquire USDC.e via Torus or swap some of your newly acquired MATIC for USDC.e using another service or exchange.


New to Metamask? You may find these learning courses produced by Metamask useful. You may find this course with a simulation where you can practice swapping via Metamask.

As previously mentioned, there are many ways you can acquire MATIC or USDC.e and transfer it to your wallet on Polygon. If you have USDC.e and need MATIC for gas, you can gaslessly swap using Polygon's Swap For Gas.

Coinbase Wallet

Check out Coinbase's help page where you'll find guides and videos showing you how to acquire, swap, and bridge USDC.e via Coinbase Wallet.

You will need MATIC and USDC.e on the Polygon blockchain. If you have USDC.e and need MATIC for gas, you can gaslessly swap using Polygon's Swap For Gas.

WalletConnect and others

There are many ways to acquire MATIC and USDC.e. Many wallets offer ways to onramp funds using common payment methods such as credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. Consult the help documentation for your wallet for more info.

You will need MATIC and USDC.e on the Polygon blockchain. If you have USDC.e and need MATIC for gas, you can gaslessly swap using Polygon's Swap For Gas.


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