List now on Carbonmark: Digital storefronts open up new credit sales channels
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List now on Carbonmark: Digital storefronts open up new credit sales channels

November 20, 2023

Carbonmark has enabled the most direct pathway for carbon project developers and brokers to find a counterparty. Using Carbonmark’s open platform, carbon credit suppliers with digital-enabled credits can set up their own digital storefronts to directly list their credits – making their inventory instantly available to buyers.

Environmental markets are built across disparate systems, and Carbonmark’s universal interface seamlessly surfaces carbon credits via the Carbonmark marketplace, its API suite, and its data solutions. This represents a shift away from traditional over-the-counter trading which has typified the market, and opens up novel demand-aggregations for credit suppliers. We are excited to mark the beginning of an exponential period of growth in value flow through environmental markets, and look forward to onboarding new merchants. If you would like to get started, click here to request a demo with our merchant onboarding team.

Changing the landscape of the Voluntary Carbon Market

At Carbonmark we believe markets are a solution to climate change – and that environmental markets connect nature to our global economy. To scale these markets we must connect and integrate their disparate systems using a single interface, optimizing for accessibility and ease of use, and enabling counterparties to connect in the most seamless way possible.

Through technological integration we can reconcile the fragmentation that has characterized the VCM and held back its ability to scale. More efficient carbon markets will help close the emissions gap that exists globally – a discrepancy between how much carbon dioxide we continue to emit, and how much we can emit to stay within targets to limit temperature increases. Indeed, as the TSVCM has remarked of the VCM’s current state, “matching each individual buyer with a corresponding supplier is a time-consuming and inefficient process, transacted over-the-counter.

Carbonmark’s newly launched access pathway directly addresses such challenges. Carbon project developers, traders and brokers, and any participants that hold compatible digital carbon credits can now bypass the counterparty matching process. By listing their credits on Carbonmark they delegate effort to the platform’s demand-aggregation capabilities.

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A roadmap to increased scale and impact

Carbonmark’s access pathway is now live for compatible carbon credits. Support for wider-ranging credit types is continuously being added – with scope for all environmental assets of all types built into the platform. The immediate focus is on mitigation and removal carbon credits:

Available today: Digital carbon that is currently un-pooled

On launch in March 2023, Carbonmark aggregated over 20 million tonnes of carbon credits that exist within digital carbon pools that comprise a large part of the Digital Carbon Market (DCM). These digital carbon pools group similar types of credit together for ease of access and price discovery – such as the Base Carbon Tonne ($BCT) and Nature-Based Offset ($NBO) pools. However, there are credits issued by carbon projects existing outside of these pools that have previously not been accessible via Carbonmark’s interface but are now available; we profile some of these projects below.

Available soon: Carbon credits via digital-native carbon registries

At Carbonmark we are working with innovative digital-native carbon registries such as the International Carbon Registry to enable the listing of new projects, growing the available inventory of credits in the DCM. ICR’s integration enables accredited projects to find buyers via Carbonmark. Not only does this mean that over 10 million tonnes will flow into the DCM, it will also provide an onramp for entirely new projects to seek ICR accreditation as a pathway into the DCM.

Available in 2024: ‘Live’ carbon credits

2024 is set to bring more innovation in the digital carbon space, and Carbonmark is working with technology partners that are digitizing carbon credits in their ‘live’ state, such that they can flow between the DCM and more traditional carbon market rails. Integration of these ‘two-way bridged’ credits will relieve further bottlenecks, enabling value to flow and the VCM as a whole to flourish.

Spotlight on projects available today

Restoring degraded mangroves in Myanmar

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Blue carbon-focused project developer Vlinder has opened a storefront on Carbonmark, listing their Reforestation and Restoration of Degraded Mangrove Lands, Sustainable Livelihood and Community Development in Myanmar project.

This project helps restore degraded mangrove areas and improves the lives of vulnerable communities in the Ayeyarwady region of Myanmar. Replanting 1,000 hectares of severely degraded mangroves, the project addresses multiple Sustainable Development Goals, helping to alleviate poverty and hunger, providing clean water and sanitation, and improving life below water and life on land.

Click below to learn more about the project, and buy or retire credits instantly.


Transforming the power grid in rural India

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Digital carbon broker Offsetra has also opened a storefront on Carbonmark, listing credits from the Wind Power Project in Gujarat. Generating 25.20 MW of wind power, this project displaces 48,000 tonnes of CO2 from fossil fuel plants, and plays an important role in driving the transition of India’s energy grid, which in 2018 only met just over 4% of its total energy demand via wind and solar.

The project also delivers localized co-benefits aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals on affordable and clean energy, job creation, and climate action.

Click below to learn more about the project, and buy or retire credits instantly.


Create your own carbon storefront today

These projects are just a selection of the hundreds that are already available via Carbonmark – forming a diverse and continuously growing supply pipeline. If you are a project developer or hold carbon credits, and are looking to take advantage of Carbonmark’s seamless interface to unlock demand, submit this form to connect with our merchant onboarding team. Now is the ideal moment to leverage our state-of-the-art capabilities and join the vanguard taking advantage of Carbonmark’s digital storefronts to help drive the next wave of carbon market expansion.



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