Rioz Global announces partnership with Carbonmark as part of Climate Strategy
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Rioz Global announces partnership with Carbonmark as part of Climate Strategy

June 12, 2023

Rioz Global has announced a partnership with Carbonmark to offset carbon emissions associated with its distribution activities.

Carbonmark will be used to enable Rioz to identify, select and retire specific carbon credits that align with Rioz’ priorities per its climate strategy. Our platform gives users access to millions of available carbon credits and gives them the ability to execute carbon credit retirements immediately and without relying on a third party.

Rioz Global is a bespoke logistics service that offers freight, warehousing, and fulfillment solutions across the globe. In an increasingly interconnected world, demand for distribution services continues to increase, and with this also comes an increased carbon footprint.

Alongside making emissions reductions within the business and exploring sustainable freighting solutions, carbon offsetting through platforms such as Carbonmark represents one solution that organizations such as Rioz can use to mitigate the environmental impacts of their services.

To date, Rioz has offset 1,200t CO2e associated with its operations using the KlimaDAO retirement aggregator, with plans to go further with its climate strategy in the future as it further defines its Scope 3 emissions. This tonnage represents a gross overestimate of the actual carbon footprint. Shown below is one of their carbon offsets utilizing the Carbonmark platform. The immutable record of their previous offsets may be viewed here.

inline image

In the future, Rioz plans to utilize convenient and affordable options for footprint tracking and until then will remain liberal with estimates and offsetting.

Jordan Sladden, Rioz Global’s Director of Operations, said:

There is an important leadership opportunity for SME businesses in the UK to demonstrate how they can participate in climate action. The British Business Bank estimates that our SMEs combined footprint is responsible for around 50% of the UK's total business greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile only a fraction of these businesses are calculating their carbon emissions and establishing climate targets. At Rioz, we take our responsibility to the climate seriously, and strive to minimize our negative impact on the world, whilst doing more to learn about the available sustainable solutions for the future of our industry - Carbonmark’s accessibility, transparency and ease of use make it an important part of our journey towards sustainability.

About Carbonmark

Carbonmark is the universal carbon marketplace, with the largest selection of digital carbon credits worldwide. Buy, sell, and retire digital carbon from any project instantly with zero-commission trading. Contact us.

About Rioz Global

Rioz Global offers bespoke logistics solutions to a wide variety of retail clients. Our clients utilize Rioz’s many years of experience and expertise in the logistics and freight industries to streamline their businesses and allow them to grow exponentially, getting their products where they need to be at exactly the time they need to be there. Rioz has a series of UK warehouses dotted around the South-East and an in-house fleet ready to serve our clients' needs both at home in the UK and around the globe. Contact Us


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